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Service in English - og efterfølgende spisning

14 maj 17:00 - 19:00

Sted: Domkirken


The Cathedral's Girls choir will sing at the Service.

Sermon: David Varming Winsløw

After the service refreshments will be served in Konventhuset. You are welcome to bring along something for a buffet that we can share.

Gudstjeneste på engelsk i Roskilde Domkirke

Roskilde Domkirkes Pigekor medvirker.

You are welcome – no matter where you come from, how long you have been in Denmark or how long you are going to stay here, you are invited to participate in an Evensong in the beautiful Roskilde Cathedral. 

Services in English are an initiative offered by the Cathedral for those who do not understand Danish.  We hope that many will come and participate. The service will last about 1 hour, and hymns, prayers and sermon will all be in English.


Alle er velkomne til at deltage i de engelske gudstjenester. Gudstjenesten varer ca. 1 time og det hele vil foregå på engelsk.